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What is 1B-LSD L-Tartrate ?

1-Butanoyl-d-lysergic acid diethylamide (also known as 1B-LSD) is a novel psychedelic substance of the lysergamide class. 1B-LSD is closely related to LSD and 1P-LSD and is reported to produce near-identical effects. 1B-LSD has been found to be around 14% as potent as LSD and expresses itself at the same 5-HT2A receptor.

Subjective effects include visual geometry, hallucinatory states, time distortion, enhanced introspection, conceptual thinking, increased music appreciation, euphoria, and ego loss. User reports indicate that the subjective effects of 1B-LSD are extremely similar to those of 1P-LSD. 1B-LSD acts as a prodrug for LSD. The similarities in chemical structure between 1 B-LSD and LSD predicts a near-identical effect profile, likely differing mainly in its rate of absorption and duration.

" ... This is another one theorized to be a prodrug to LSD, as are most lysergamides it seems. Yet this one seems to have stood out in several ways- Firstly, the visuals- most lysergamides carry a distinct class of visual for me, reminiscent of art produced by indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest and Mesoamerica. This is typically replete with glyphs, animal figures, pareidolia, and stark well-defined patterns. These sorts of visuals were entirely absent for this trip, with the visual aspect mostly manifesting as alterations- shifts in colors and textures and the general aesthetic composition and contrast of my visual field. It altered my input rather than producing new images. It was also remarkably lucid, I found myself for the most part functional and discrete. Yet I wouldn’t attribute the light visuals and lucidity to a low dose- cognitively this substance dogged me with energy and light, it was thoroughly engaging and introspective, articulate and holistic, often in a way that is typically accompanied with stronger sensory effects. In similarities to other lysergamides, it had fairly standard duration, potency, bodyload, and stimulation. Definitely had distinct lysergamide qualities in the psychosomatic feel of it. The overall attributes of the trip I would describe as lucidity, with light overall visuals mostly built of alterations, but with an underlying cognitive intensity and depth that makes for a truly profound, though not necessarily intense, experience. ... "

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